Rebranding America

The goal for this project was to rebrand America, where a theme was chosen that needed to be represented through the logo and flag. The theme that is represented by the logo and flag shown
below is friendly and organic. This is portrayed by the natural feel of the shapes and lines in the logo.

In order to announce the rebranding of America, a couple of Instagram posts were created with a slogan
to reflect the brand personality.

The next step for this project was to create the secondary level where new emblems had to be designed for three different departments within the United States. The departments that were redesigned were the Department of Transportation, Department of Energy, and the Department of Agriculture. These emblems were then mocked up onto objects that people would see in this new America.

The final step in this project was to choose a department and create products that would be seen in this branch. Here, the USDA was chosen as the department to hone in on and design a farmer’s market that is branded in order to reflect the new U.S. Advertisements, packaging, and a logo were created for the new farmer’s market that would be seen around the U.S.