Senior Thesis: EMPOWHER

EMPOWHER: Power to Her, a feminist magazine to inspire young women:        
The purpose of this thesis was to design an eye-catching feminist magazine that would appeal to a young adult audience and get them to become involved in the issue.  The magazine is very expressionistic in style through the integration of type and imagery.  The majority of the imagery is original and provided by fellow Photography students, Emma Hess and Jordyn Valencourt.  This project consisted of creating a masthead and three different cover designs, a magazine, a website, and promotional products. This project was given Professor Commendation, and won Dean’s Choice 2020: “The Best of the Best” where it was chosen to represent the School of Visual and Performing Arts at Endicott College.

Cover Designs

Here are three different cover designs of EMPOWHER to portray how each issue would appear in style. Each are dynamic and contain movement through its use of patterns/textures, and vibrant colors.


For the magazine, each article is designed to have its own distinct style but is able to stay connected as a whole through its treatment of imagery and typography. Everything in this magazine was purposefully done such as challenging the readability, or tilting the text at an angle all of these techniques were used in order to help express the mood and content of each particular article.


A website was designed for EMPOWHER to illustrate how it would communicate across different platforms. It is able to keep brand consistency through its treatment of imagery and type. An example of how an article would appear is seen below which keeps the use of isolated images rather than putting them in the typical rectangular format one would always see. If you would like to see the prototype of the site to view its functionality here is the link to go to it: In the prototype, the buttons About, Subscribe, and Shop are active. In order to view the example article, scroll down the homepage and click on the article title “Level the Scales” which is in yellow. To return to the homepage from any page you are on click on the EMPOWHER logo.

Promotional Products

These are some promotional products created and mocked up that would appeal to the younger generations. Three distinct posters were designed and then these were also applied to either t-shirts or beanies. The idea behind these is by purchasing these products people would be able to show their support for the magazine as well as for the feminist movement.